Secrets You Should Know about Buying Tyres

There are many secret tips and tricks that you should know about when it comes to buying motorcycle tyres online in Sri Lanka.

One thing is how much tread you need, which will depend on what type of surface you ride on most often. Different types of surfaces require different kinds of tyres with varying levels of grip.
Another thing that can affect the tyre’s performance is its width, this determines how much ground clearance there is between the tyre and the frame, so if you have an area where there are deep ruts or potholes, then it would be best to buy wider tyres so as not to damage them while riding over these obstacles.
Another thing to consider is the tyre’s construction; there are basically two types of tyres, tubed and tube-less. Tube-less tyres do not have inner tubes so you can get punctures easily if it gets a hole in it, while tubed ones come with an inner tube which can be inflated or deflated depending on what type of conditions they’re riding over. If your bike has already been fitted with a certain kind of tyre that requires inflatable air then going for one without an inner tube would save you money from having to buy another pump just for inflating them because chances are high that these kinds will eventually need pumping up after long periods out in the sun.
Checking the right tyre size is very important and this can be done by looking at the sidewall of your tyre and checking what it says there. A lot of people do not check this and just go for whatever brand they see is on sale but this could lead to putting a wrong size onto your front wheel which will mess up with control over steering or worse, if you put one that is too small then it might damage the brake as well as causing handling problems.

Remember that bike tyre price in Sri Lanka is a bit on the high side, so choose wisely and carefully when getting new tyres for your vehicle.