How Long Does a Tyre Plug Last? Is Plugging a Tyre Safe?

If you get a puncture on your tyres, what do you generally do? You can either get them repaired or if the damage is too severe you will need to get new tyres online in Sri Lanka and replace the old ones. However, considering the price of tyres, trying to get them repaired may be the better option rather than buying new motorcycle, car or three-wheel tyres online in Sri Lanka.

A tyre plug will typically last for three to four weeks, depending on the severity of the puncture and how often you drive your vehicle. Tyre plugs are safe because they don’t use any chemicals or patches within the tyre. They also work well with large punctures, such as nail holes or small cuts from glass or metal shards.

A tyre plug is a sealant that fills in the hole, all while holding air inside; they’re also extremely safe procedures because they do not involve any sort of chemical patchwork happening within the interior of your vehicle’s tyres themselves, nor will tyre plugs leave behind an adhesive residue if removed properly afterwards either. You can use tyre plugs when the repair required is too big for a simple tyre patch. You may need to replace tyres altogether after experiencing damage on them which are more severe than a puncture wound.

The problem with tyre plugs is that they aren’t as good at holding air inside the tyre for long periods of time, so you will find yourself having to put in more repairs down the road if there’s any sort of sharp object still poking through your tyres (e.g., screwdriver tacks, very small tree branches). However, they are quite a reasonable option if you cannot afford to buy new tyres just yet, and it is quite safe to drive the vehicle after getting a puncture plugged in.